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22 Jun 2021

Conbit Install Lifting System Offshore for Out of Reach Lifts

Conbit’s team recently installed three deck extensions and three modules that were located out of the reach of a crane at the Anoa Field in Indonesia. The project aimed to increase the accommodation capacity there from 51 to 67 pax, and to add an additional Multi-Purpose Room to the facility. Conbit was chosen as the partner for this project because the team was able to provide a combination of engineering support and execution, which was crucial for this project.

To prepare, Conbit made a site visit in early 2019 gathering requirements and developing a technical plan for this integration. One of the challenges identified during the site visit was that the current design of the platform extensions required some modification to enable an efficient installation with minimized offshore exposure.



The connectors on the deck extension were required to integrate with receivers on the platform in order to mitigate risk. To further enhance safety, a double-lift boom system which was capable of lifting up to 10t directly from the single supply vessel on-site was built specifically for the project.

The execution phase then started at the end of 2020 due to challenges brought about by weather factors and COVID-19 delays. This phase was scheduled on site for 17 days. The crew for this offshore execution consisted of a construction manager, a winching team, and a colleague to support lift procedures from the supply vessel.



Dynamic and static load tests were first conducted with water bags to ensure that the lifting system was robust enough. The deck extension and modules were then raised by the means of a temporary lift system, operated from the platform of a supply vessel located near the designated installation location.

After the deck extension was installed on the platform, temporary living quarters were placed on this extension using lift lines and skidding equipment. By lowering down the Multi-Purpose Room on top of one of the placed living quarters, the last project phase was complete.

Conbit delivered the project above expectations by managing to complete three large lifts during a single day that were originally scheduled to be executed within three days. This efficiency in execution helped the customer to minimize disruption on the platform.

“Conbit designed a tailored solution adapting to all changes along the way while working in close consultation with us. The team also overcame all challenges and urgent demands without any delays or disruption”, commented Premier Oil.

The Anoa field is part of Natuna gas field, currently the largest in Southeast Asia and located approximately 1,100 km north of Jakarta, offshore Indonesia. The Anoa platform, which has been in operation for more than 28 years, is owned and operated by Premier Oil.


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