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29 Mar 2018

Conbit and Frames Enhance Cost-Effectiveness through Partnership

29 March 2018

Conbit and Frames established a partnership to enhance cost-effectiveness in offshore projects for brownfield oil and gas clients. Frames will provide the design and supply of separation systems, with Conbit complimenting this with the structural engineering, lifting and installation.  

The Conbit-Frames collaboration has provided a cost efficient EPCIC solution by early involvement in offshore modification projects, making offshore assets more economical.  It also saves project lead time, as the parties work together to complete the project without interface delays.

Furthermore, the collaboration allows the client to establish one project team, which is in contact with one project team on the supplier side. This method of resource alignment results in cost and risk reduction by the careful co-ordination between project partners. 

Bram van Oirschot, Business Unit Manager – ‘Integrated Projects’ said: “Conbit believes in the future of offshore power generation and recognises the need for efficient use of resources. As offshore projects are often complex endeavours, involving many different suppliers, we believe in vertical collaboration in the supply chain and sharing of experience in project teams: what we call our ‘Integrated Project’ approach. Conbit and ALE can benefit from this integrated approach and the network of Frames so we can be involved in offshore modification projects from an early stage. This collaboration means that we can serve our construction clients globally and extend our reach to potential, new clients.” 

Geert Willemse, Product Specialist – Separators & Treaters at Frames is very pleased with the collaboration between Conbit and Frames: “With this partnership we will take our client’s ageing process equipment to a new level.”

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As part of the ALE group, the Conbit operation complements ALE’s existing offshore services by providing enhanced offshore capabilities and the unique equipment. Conbit offers engineering, procurement, construction, installation and maintenance services especially when load handling or structural engineering is the main challenge. The business focus is on lifting projects, lifting equipment, towers and stacks, and integrated projects.

With over 25 years of experience, Conbit has a proven track record in delivering a full-service approach and innovative customised solutions to a wide range of markets, including on- and offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, decommissioning, petrochemicals and telecom.  Conbit’s focus is on maximising efficiency, and minimizing risks by thorough preparation for all worldwide projects.

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About Frames

Frames has been offering systems and solutions in the international energy market since 1984. We design, build and deliver renewable energy and water solutions, separation technologies, oil & gas processing equipment and flow control & safeguarding systems. 

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