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21 Nov 2018

Complex heavy transport in Bulgaria

Date 21 November 2018

Holleman Bulgaria, member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) completed the delivery of “Aurabis Bulgaria” JSC-Pirdop, The cargo arriving by river vessel, was loaded in the Port of Rue-East, Bulgaria and delivered to the consignee within 3 days. 

The complexity of the transport was challenging, due to the oversized total dimensions being 540 cm width and 510 cm height. This required careful planning, including three route studies due to a critical tunnel with only four centimeters tolerance. 

For the highest pieces the experts from Holleman used 27 cm low-bed trailers and for the rest 80 cm semin-trailers. Even so, the cargo height of 510 cm forced the drivers to avoid low places on the highway and to drive on secondary roads, which led to the lifting of many wires in the villages and retention of the traffic. 

The good cooperation between the company’s team, the police offices and electrical companies en reoute was a key factor for the smooth transportation. The cargo was delivered successful and without any remarks. 

Soirce WWPC

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