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Modulift is the number one choice for below-the-hook lifting equipment. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of modular Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams, Spreader Frames and custom below-the-hook lifting equipment, we understand the importance of being able to lift safely, quickly and efficiently.

The Modulift range of Spreader Beams has capacity from 2 to 5000t with spans up to 100m (330ft) and DNV type approval up to 2000t. Next day delivery is available via our global distribution network across over 30 countries. We offer a full engineering design service for Custom Design Projects with 3D Design and FEA Analysis. In addition we provide rig planning for more complex lifting projects and enhanced QA options for multiple industry sectors including Breakbulk & Ports, Construction, Shipping & Maritime, Oil, Gas & Wind, Cargo, Transport & Logistics and Lifting Gear.

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28-09-2023  Safe and efficient use of a spreader beam

Want to know our top tips for the safe and efficient use of a spreader beam?

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06-07-2023 How to Safely Assemble a Spreader Beam

A Modulift Spreader Beam is comprised of several components, making it simple to change and adapt your beam for a variety of lifting applications by adding and removing struts.

The components of a Modulift spreader beam include:

  • One or more struts
  • Two drop links
  • Two end units
  • Shackles (if purchased)
Mod 6122434 Strut Render 1 360x300


Mod 61224345070 DL Render 1 CMYK 360x300

Drop Link

Mod 6.12 EU Render 1 CMYK 360x300

The video shows just how simple it is for you to assemble and change your Modulift Spreader Beam for different lifts. For further information on load v spans, bolt tightening torque and much more, please refer to the User Instructions which must be read when assembling the Spreader Beam. User Instructions are provided with every purchase of a Modulift spreader beam.

Using a spreader beam to perform a lift is an invaluable means of keeping the proper spacing for a load to avoid damage and maintain a safe level of tension on each sling during the lift. With a variety of lifting beams available, modular spreader beams are among the most versatile and easiest to assemble while occupying the least amount of space while not in use and during transit.

Today, we’ll show you how to take a spreader beam, whether you’re taking it out of storage or off the pallet after shipping to your site, and get it assembled and ready to go:

  1. Check the ID plates on each Modulift component to ensure the correct size is used
  2. Lay out the struts and end units in the correct configuration with the longest strut placed centrally and the shortest towards the end unit, laid on flats to prevent rolling
  3. Check that all pairs of flanges are clear from debris, sand etc. before connection
  4. Bolt the components together using bolts, nuts and washers provided
  5. Tighten the bolts to a torque. The number and grade of bolts is critical for the safe assembly of the spreader, particularly at longer spans. Refer to the User Instructions provided for the correct bolt tightening torque and the spanner size required
  6. Place drop link inside the jaw of the end unit, with the larger hole of the drop link lined up with the hole in the end unit
  7. Place a top sling onto the body of a top shackle, and put
    jaw of top shackle over the end unit jaw.
  8. Put top shackle pin through shackle, end unit jaw and drop link, and repeat for other spreader beam end.
  9. Attach free ends of top slings to crane hook.
  10. Attach lower slings and shackles to lower holes of drop links, and attach them to the load to be lifted.
  11. The assembled spreader beam and lifting rig must be thoroughly checked by a competent person prior to lifting.


10-02-2023 Modulift’s Recent Custom Beam

Modulift designed and manufactured this huge 12m lifting beam with 2 top and 5 bottom lifting points.

Features of this Lifting Beam:
– WLL – 8.5t
– Adjustable lifting spans and multipoint lifts
– 3-piece bolted construction for ease of transport and handling
– Subsea and Offshore applications
– Open I-beam construction which is efficient design for subsea and high dynamic operating conditions
– Complies with DNV-ST-N001 and BSEN 13155


18-09-2020   Product Innovation is the key to Modulift’s continued success

Product innovation has been the driving force behind Modulift’s success over the past 5 years. Their growth has been driven by both custom solutions as well as their innovative off the shelf products too. Offering safe lifting solutions has always been the priority in their design, whilst ensuring all new products meet the exacting requirements of their extensive global distribution partners and worldwide customer base.

Modulift Active Link (left) and Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam (right)

Two of their products that have taken the industry by storm over recent months include the Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam and the Modulift Active Link, with orders being sent as far afield as Japan and Australia.

The Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam launched in 2015 to provide lifting professionals an efficient, lightweight and economic below-the-hook solution. Whereas the Modulift Active Link, which launched in 2017, offers an integrated wireless load cell into Modulift’s existing drop link component for the Modular Spreader Beam series.

Whilst both innovative products have been a success since their respective launches, Modulift has seen a substantial growth in sales this year as the global lifting industry continues to demand the benefits that these innovative products offer.

The Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam

The revolutionary Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam is modular in design, ensuring compatibility with their existing products. It also provides a wide range of benefits for high capacity lifting operations, which includes significant time savings when compared to similar applications using standard rigs below the hook, taking only half the duration in the rigging up phase, tests suggest.

So what makes this product so special? The globally recognised Modulift Spreader Beam has been modified and the drop link removed to make way for the trunnion pin and cross pins. This allows for direct connection of slings to the spreader beam.

Other features include improved safety, as there are no heavy shackles and drop links to manoeuvre; thus saving time due to more efficient rigging; cost efficiency over standard spreader rigs; and the Modulift hallmark of modular design as the Trunnion End Units can be used with the existing fleet of struts from the modular spreader beam range. Making it a versatile piece of equipment to have!

The Modulift Active Link

Developed in partnership with the well renowned load cell and load monitoring equipment specialist Straightpoint, the Active Link was designed to integrate its strain gauge technology.

It measures the applied loads at both ends of the Spreader Beam, providing wireless real time data. The perfect solution for both weighing and dynamic load monitoring. Data is transmitted wirelessly up to 700 metres to a USB transceiver that is connected to a Windows computer or tablet via a USB port.

By replacing the standard drop link component, the Active Link, presents a host of benefits with time, cost and weight savings as it doesn’t have to be sourced as an additional rigging tool. Another prominent feature is that the height of rigging is significantly reduced, especially beneficial in low headroom applications.

Sarah Spivey, Managing Director, Modulift, said: “It’s interesting to note how some products are an immediate success whilst others (and often the ones we think will be an immediate best seller) can take longer to become industry staples. After 5 years, these two products are now well established in the market, becoming firm favourites with our customers.”


27-01-2020      Modulift Modular Spreader Beams – the genuine article!

When Sue Spencer, Technical Director for Modulift, designed the first ever modular spreader beam nearly 20 years ago, she knew that she had a market leading product on her hands, and so began the rise of the Modulift brand.

Modulift are well known across the globe, through their worldwide network of distributor partners, for their core range of high quality off-the-shelf products, which include the popular originally designed modular spreader beams and modular spreader frames that are interchangeable. The original modular and pin-ended design concept that Modulift came up with provides an efficient and flexible lifting system that can be adjusted to adapt to meet varying project requirements.

This efficient modular space-saving design also makes their products perfect for exporting components around the world using standard shipping containers or via roadfreight, helping to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.

Standing the test of time

Modulift’s long-proven core products are well known throughout the industry, having an exceptional reputation for quality and endurance. Due to the high level of QA and tightly-held in-house manufacturing processes, Modulift’s products have stood the test of time – therefore customers can be assured that any product bought today will fit any product of the same MOD size that was built nearly 20 years ago, and with the same level of high quality. Therefore, consumers should always check that components are genuine Modulift products!

Modulift also pride themselves on their experienced team of in-house engineers – they are the perfect technical expert partner to support companies that don’t have the right expertise in-house.

Modulift’s specialist engineers can come up with custom-designed solutions for complex lifts, utilising the latest design software available to offer with the most cost-effective designs. This custom design service also includes designing complex rigs and producing detailed rigging drawings. Modulift can help every step of the way from the initial design concept through to manufacturing / sourcing of equipment required.

Modulift can also provide products suitable for the industries that requires enhanced levels QA, providing extensive verification for even the most challenging project specification. Services include individual proof load testing of products and employing third party verification from design through to materials and manufacturing.

Innovation and knowledge all under one roof

As the demand for custom solutions grow, Modulift are not only expanding the team, but are also enhancing its operations by building a new state of the art manufacturing facility. This has not only improved their manufacturing processes to expand their capacity, enabling them to increase their support to partners, it also offers even faster delivery times across their standard and custom designed lifting equipment range, ensuring that whatever the issue, they have the solution!

You only need to look at the number of case studies Modulift have that show how they have helped companies across the industry!

As technical experts in the lifting industry, Modulift invest heavily in their research and development on their existing designs, as well as developing new products with advanced engineering tools. Coupled with the benefit of their new site, all of this expertise now sits under one roof – from design through to the new manufactured product being despatched, this makes Modulift the preferred partner for their global leading lifting industry partners.

Constantly striving to develop new products that meet demand, Modulift listen carefully to their customers needs, understanding that user research and positive user experience (UX) is key to producing a successful product.

When developing new products, they make a continuous effort to improve current design solutions by implementing the latest advancements in engineering and computer design programs.

Certified Industry Experts

All new and existing products are designed and manufactured and certified to exacting industry standards including EN and DNV standards, they also ensure they don’t over design, keeping them easy to manufacture and of an optimised size, so that they don’t use more material than is necessary. This keeps the costs down and reduce the weight making the product easier to transport, handle and manoeuvre, which benefits their customers.

Applying more and more advanced design techniques such as finite element analysis which utilise analysis theories like stiffness matrix, non-linear and buckling analysis keeps Modulift ahead of the competition and giving their customers the best optimised design products.

Modulift are your Technical expert partner, providing high quality standard and custom lifting products. We consistently deliver through our products and the engineering services we have to offer.



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