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Lift-Tex Industrie B.V.

Lift-Tex® is a leading and innovative heavy lift HMPE sling manufacturer. In our factory, based in the Netherlands, we set the standard for world class textile lifting equipment for heavy lift projects worldwide.
In order to achieve high performance heavy lift round slings, Lift-Tex® uses modern equipment and both traditional raw materials, as well as HMPE or UHMWPE high performance materials, such as Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™.
From webbing slings to round slings, lashing systems, protection and our high performance EXTREEMA® heavy lift HMPE slings (with Dyneema®), Lift-Tex® is able to produce the lifting sling you need in order to complete the job safely and correctly.


Unlike braided fiber ropes, the construction of an Extreema® round sling is based on parallel laid fiber technology that make up the core. The core of an Extreema® round sling is always made of 100% high performance fibers such as Dyneema® , the world’s strongest fiber™, or general HMPE. This makes the slings up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis and a weight reduction up to 80% compared to wire rope.

Features of Extreema® heavy lift soft slings

The growing awareness in the heavy lift industry shows an increasing demand for EXTREEMA® lightweight slings that are flexible, safe and easy to work with. Extreema® lightweight soft slings reduce environmental pollution and the choice for the right Extreema® construction (core, cover & protections) will significantly drop the total cost of ownership and have proven to be a cost saving investment for challenging heavy lift projects on –and offshore in many industries.
Do you have any questions with regards to our products and services? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is there to answer your questions.

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Lift-Tex® offers engineering support

One of the strengths of Lift-Tex® is the effort we put in finding the right product for each individual lifting job. This does not only save costs for the end user, but also increases the safety of the lift.
In case of calculated lifting jobs and handling challenges, our engineers are of great added value for designing the right product.

Do you have any questions for our engineers?

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New Product – July 6th 2022

Lift-Tex Launches Ultra-Heat Resistant Soft Sling


On July 6th Lift-Tex launched a brand-new product, which contributes to a strong expansion of our Extreema® product range.

Working conditions within the lifting industry are continuously more challenging, many companies are even requested to lift with extremely high temperatures. Research, testing, and development in our factory, in close collaboration with our suppliers, have resulted in a huge step forward in our product range: Inferno®: the heat resistant soft sling.

The ultra-heat resistant Inferno® soft sling makes it possible to lift heavy payloads when working under extreme heat conditions. Even when the temperature rises to 200⁰C, the Inferno® soft sling will maintain its strength!



The Inferno® soft sling is made of 100% Aramid and available from 0,5m to 65m, with a WLL up to 100t. The color of the sling is yellow. For special requests up to 2,5t it is possible to produce the Inferno® sling in the color black.



Product description


  • Maintains its strength up to 200⁰C(!)
  • Easy to position
  • Low D:d ratio
  • Soft, light weight and easy to handle
  • Improves workflow
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Environmentally friendly due to the long-life span
  • Creates safer lifting conditions


  • To lift a truss or something else that can get very hot.

Intended market:

  • Manufacturing industries in a welding environment & entertainment industry



Extreema®: Ground-breaking and innovative!

Lift-Tex® Industrie B.V. has a scoop! As the first manufacturer of synthetic lifting materials worldwide, Lift-Tex® succeeded in producing a synthetic round sling with a MBL of 2500T. A roundsling with such a strength (lifting capacity) breaks a record in the international lifting industry. The sling was tested in an official testing location of DNV/GL in Norway, on one of the biggest testing benches in Europe.
For Heavy Lift projects in the wind energy, oil, gas and on-and offshore industry, this is a breakthrough concerning the transportation, (re)placement, installation or disassembling of mega modules by using round slings instead of steel cables or ropes.