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The Goldhofer Group has a history that reaches all the way back to 1705. Over the years, what started as a small forge has grown into a global operation with around 800 employees. In addition to its headquarters in Memmingen, Goldhofer has continuously strengthened its market leadership as a recognized global player and reliable local partner with the addition of subsidiaries and facilities in Germany, India, the UK, Ukraine, USA and the United Arab Emirates.

The Group has a focus on sustainability and continuous innovation in all aspects of its operations. This applies both to internal company processes and in particular to the benefits for customers. That is achieved through Goldhofer’s commitment to certification, its environmental and energy management systems (DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001) and its Integrated Management System as key tools in the continuous optimization of the Group’s products and services.


The Goldhofer Company in Memmingen


Goldhofer combines a high and consistent standard of quality for its transport solutions with maximum proximity to customers. With its growing global sales, service and production network, the company guarantees the rapid availability of new vehicles, vehicle parts and servicing at the local level. Direct collaboration with customers in a spirit of partnership is a fertile ground for research and development activities, which in turn generate further innovations. Through a continuous process of analysis of the various industries and their needs, Goldhofer is able to create efficient, robust and innovative products and services.

Never far away

The Group’s intelligent and forward-looking after-sales program and international service network is available for all Goldhofer vehicles, whether new or pre-owned. It includes a fast parts supply system, vehicle servicing and maintenance, and even complete overhauls. From the day they take delivery of their vehicles, users can rely on Goldhofer’s team of fully qualified personnel to provide advice and support – in the form of on-site assistance, vehicle training sessions, servicing workshops or a 24/7 service hotline. The Group also offers rental and lease purchase options. Further added value is provided in the form of additional software tools like the »LINK« telemetry system. Among other things, they support condition assessment for successful fleet management.


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Latest News

9 November 2022 – FT SERIES

The new »FT SERIES« pivot-mounted pendulum axle combination offers unprecedented flexibility and investment security for the heavy haulage industry. This smart system combines semitrailers in the heavy payload class and heavy-duty module combinations, especially for on-road transportation. Thanks to intelligent configuration and accessory packages, the »FT SERIES« can be combined with almost all Goldhofer modules. The ultimate benefit of this new type of vehicle is that transportation system changes can be made without any difficulties at any time. This allows a flexible response to changing market requirements and reduces the total cost of ownership in the long term.



At the time of purchase, the »FT SERIES« can be adapted to individual requirements, thus avoiding the compromises that were often necessary in the past when placing an order. Basic width and bending moment, for example, can be individually specified for all standard bogies. And that is only the beginning: The highlight of this groundbreaking trans­port system is a new wheel set. With its intelligent design, the new unit not only offers an optimized suspension stroke of 640 mm and a steering angle of 60 degrees, but also the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements – even after purchase. There are five different single and twin tire options to choose from for a loading height of between 770 mm and 935 mm for axle loads of 22 t to 26 t. And that is not all: To facilitate easy integration of the new »FT SERIES« into the existing fleet, the axle suspension cylinders can be specified for compatibility with Goldhofer’s entire heavy-duty portfolio. This is the key to a system with almost unlimited combina­tion capability.

This means that the »FT SERIES« can be used on a customized basis for combination with all existing module systems. “This enables customers to configure individual vehicle combinations for a perfect match with their momen­tary operational requirements,” says Robert Steinhauser, Vice President of Sales & Service Transport Technology, and he adds: “Existing vehicles are not replaced, but individually integrated into the new system.” Full integration is also pos­sible with existing equipment such as cargo decks, goose­necks and turntables for long loads. The »FT SERIES« portfolio includes smart solutions such as rear bogies with an excavator boom recess, which are also optionally available with an extendable tele-spacer for lengthening the loading area on platform combinations.

The high quality standards achieved by Goldhofer’s trans­portation solutions are the key to decades of effective ser­vice. And yet changing market requirements can necessitate major spendings on new vehicles and business models. This problem is solved by the »FT SERIES« : Future requirements are taken into account at the time of purchase as changes to the transportation system can be made at any time without any problems. The »FT SERIES« also opens up previously untapped business opportunities. For example, the scope for modifications to the bogies means greater access to the pre-owned vehicle market, while cooperation with new partners and cross-rental business are also facilitated. The pool of potential custo­mers in the event of a sale and of owners in the event of future additions to the fleet are no longer limited to those with the “right” vehicles – a big advantage in terms of the resale value of the fleet. “The overall concept of the »FT SERIES« leads to a sustainable reduction in total cost of ownership and provides our customers with the maximum flexibility for their future plan,” says Steinhauser.




The Goldhofer »FT SERIES« combines semitrailers of the heavy payload class and heavy-duty module combinations for the road transport. You can adapt this sophisticated transport system individually to your requirements and also to your existing fleet. Configure your basic vehicle simply and easily in just five steps.

Frame width: 2,550 mm / 2,750 mm / 3,000 mm

Tires: Single tires  225/60 R 17.5  •  245/70 R 17.5  •  285/70 R 19.5
Twin tires   205/65 R 17:5  •  215/75 R 17.5

Frame thickness:  Standard bending moment
Increased bending moment

Axle compensation cylinders:  Suitable for the entire Goldhofer-heavy-duty portfolio
THP/SL family, STZ-VP (285), PST family

Chassis variants:  1-axle till 6-axle



Goldhofer Transport Technology

Transport professionals worldwide place their trust in Goldhofer, in the competence and quality standards of the world market leader for heavy and specialized transport vehicles. The Transport Technology division develops user-oriented transport solutions plus a full range of accessories, whose excellent quality reflects the technological expertise built up by a company with a more than 300-year history. A team of highly skilled engineers, working to tried and tested standards, develop and produce efficient configurations based on customer requirements, which not only do full justice to the needs of international logistics markets and infrastructures; time and time again Goldhofer’s advanced solutions have revolutionized the transport industry with innovative product and service concepts – for both on- and off-road operations. The wide product range includes trailers, semi-trailers, heavy-duty modules and special vehicles. Customers from multiple industries – construction, mining, energy, port and shipyard logistics, mechanical and plant engineering, and petrochemicals – can be sure of finding not only the right transport solutions for their needs but also added value in terms of individual options to facilitate operations. This relates to such aspects as load securing, transport project planning, software support for axle-load, stability and bend analysis, as well as innovative sensor technology and data analysis software. Goldhofer – a partner for all transport requirements.

A close dialog with users is one of the driving forces at Goldhofer for continuous further development over the full product range at the technological, process-related and regional levels, always targeted at the practical needs of the transport and logistics industry. The result: consistently user-oriented vehicles that are capable of carrying cargos large and small and in all payload classes to their destinations – safely, reliably and economically.

Goldhofer’s transport vehicle portfolio covers a payload range from approx. 30 to 15,000 tons and includes the following products:


  • Towed trailers with 3-5 axles.     Payloads range from 30 to 50 tons, depending on the relevant national regulations. These trailers are particularly popular with small and medium-sized companies.



  • Low loader semitrailers with 3-12 axles.    This is the company’s most diverse product line. It includes semitrailers, semitrailers with drop  decks and combination vehicles. Apart from the various decks, Goldhofer also offers a range of axle systems, including its patented »MPA« axle technology and its proven pendular axle technology. With the latest additions to its portfolio, namely »STEPSTAR«, »ARCUS» and the »FT SERIES«, Goldhofer has provided further evidence of its powers of innovation and at the same time enlarged its product range at both ends of the scale.




MPA Type Semitrailer


Flatbed Semitrailers


Lowloader Trailers




  • Heavy-duty modules   These heavy-duty modular trailers are designed to move especially heavy and bulky loads. They offer great flexibility in the way of end-to-end or side-by-side configurations and can be used to carry payloads of up to 15,000 t. For optimum performance, these heavy-duty vehicles are also available with hydrostatic drive and electronic multiway steering. They come with an almost unlimited choice of accessories, from simple turntables to high girder bridges like the FAKTOR 5.


Heavy-duty modules (towed)





Highway Semitrailer Goldhofer P12 PLUS for the North American Market





  • Transport solutions for wind power plants
    Goldhofer also offers a range of equipment for the cost-effective transportation of components for wind power plants such as the FTV blade lifter or the »BLADES« trailing dolly.






Tower adapters

Goldhofer Airport Technology

The Airport Technology division has a focus on the specific requirements of airport logistics. The wide range of conventional and towbarless aircraft tow tractors, aircraft recovery systems, and cargo and baggage tractors in all size classes are reliable performers for continuous operations in ground support at airports worldwide. Goldhofer is also the solution for sustainable ground handling thanks to its highly efficient 400/700 V lithium-ion technology by the name of »IonMaster«. In addition, the new »LINK« IoT platform supports a wide range of telemetry functions, including monitoring und condition-based maintenance for efficient fleet management.


PHOENIX E Towbarless Aircraft Tractor


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