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Collett & Sons are a multi-modal transport company who provide specialist logistics management, heavy haulage, heavy lift, marine and consulting services.

The Location

Collett & Sons operate across four strategically placed depots in Halifax, the Port of Goole, the Port of Grangemouth, and most recently in Dublin, with the introduction of Collett (Ireland) Ltd.

The Fleet

Collett & Sons have a fleet of heavy haulage tractor units, specialist trailers (including hydraulic modular trailers), SPMTs, crane vehicles and hydraulic heavy lift equipment.

The Service

Collett & Sons are multi-disciplined in the delivery of project cargo and out of gauge freight on a worldwide basis. With extensive years of experience in the transport industry, Collett provide bespoke heavy haulage logistics and heavy lift services for abnormal loads and oversized cargo.

With a range of lifting equipment, engineering services, hydraulic jacking & skidding, crane hire, storage & warehousing, contract lift and SPMT operations. Collett are able to manoeuvre, position, extract and relocate unique cargoes and abnormal loads.

Storage & Warehousing – Focus on the Goole Depot

Strategically positioned next to the UK’s furthest inland port, our Goole Heavy Lift Depot is the ideal location for project cargo due to its fantastic links to the UK road network.

This 10-acre site offers 20,000sq ft of indoor warehousing and features a substantial outdoor storage facility complete with a 110 Tonne capacity straddle carrier making the storage, cargo handling or transhipment of equipment & abnormal loads a cost effective option. This specialist heavy lift storage facility also features a 45 Tonne reach stacker for container handling and vanning/de-vanning operations for fast effective cargo handling.

Home to their Heavy Lift, Projects and Engineering Teams this Depot also houses a vast array of specialist equipment including jacking & skidding systems, 120 specialist trailers and 100+ axle lines of Scheuerle Intercombi complete with wafer beds, vessel beams and the UK’s largest girder bridge trailer with a capacity of 550 tonnes.

As with our depots in Halifax and Grangemouth, our Goole facility is fully fenced and equipped with 24 hour CCTV coverage with security guards in operation for maximum safety.

Storage & Warehousing – Focus on the Grangemouth Depot

At the portside Scottish headquarters in Grangemouth Collett offer a 110 Tonne straddle carrier, a 45 Tonne straddle carrier and range of forklift trucks up to 15 Tonne.

This heavy lift storage depot enables the company to provide a fast and efficient Scottish hub for load handling, making the storage, consolidation and transhipment of components a cost effective option.

As with their depots in Halifax, Goole, the Grangemouth facility is fully fenced and equipped with 24 hour CCTV coverage with security guards in operation for maximum safety.

Added to this specialist heavy lift facility they also operate a multi-functional synchronous hydraulic heavy lift jacking system capable of monitoring the position of the load between the four jacks to within a 1mm tolerance. This innovative hydraulic equipment allows us to raise and slide industrial machinery, transformers and components up to 500 Tonne in a controlled manner, indoors or outdoors. With the option of jacking to lift and lower, and skidding to push and pull, they can load directly to trailer or relocate industrial machinery, transformers and components in confined spaces.

The Grangemouth site offers 3-acre of storage, with the potential to expand up to 15. Utilising this facility with their heavy lift straddle carriers and various lifting equipment allow them to offer ideal heavy lift storage and warehousing solutions for a wide range of cargoes.


New Volvo Fassi Crane Vehicles Join the Fleet!

Collett have added two new Volvo FH 8×4 tractor units, each fitted with a Fassi F1150RA crane.

Two new Volvo FH 8×4 Tractor units with a GVW of 120 Tonnes when working under ‘Special Types’ operations c/w Fassi F1150RA cranes join our ever-expanding lorry loader fleet!

These two brand new Volvo FH 8×4 crane vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art cranes, offering a 115 Tonne/metre lifting capacity with a maximum outreach of 16m, providing a flexible, light and compact transport and lifting solution.

The 8×4 Euro 6 compliant vehicles offer excellent driveability with 540 bhp, 12 speed “I-shift” gearbox and with the addition of the Fassi F1150RA.2.26 these vehicles provide an effective transport, loading and offloading solution to our customers.

Utilising the capabilities of the Volvo FH and Fassi F1150RA combined allows for the full truck stability to be converted into useful lifting capacity with digital encoders bringing full proportionality to the outrigger range.  This allows millimetre precision measurement of the outrigger extension, optimising performance at every possible outrigger position and converting all the available truck stability into lifting capacity.

Our crane vehicle & lorry loader haulage fleet currently features front and rear mounted cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 9 Tonne/Metre to 205 Tonne/Metre with all these vehicles meeting BS7121 Part 4 regulations.  The acquisition of these two Volvo FH 8×4 vehicles provide a welcome addition to our ever expanding fleet.

“These new crane vehicles will be predominantly based in Scotland for the delivery of wind turbine components to site, but will also be active across our fleet for general transport work and lifting operations.”  Explains David Collett, Managing Director, Collett & Sons Ltd.

“Collett chose the combination of Volvo and Fassi as we consider them to provide good, robust and reliable products.  These latest additions to our crane vehicle fleet provide an adaptable transport and lifting solution for our customers, allowing us to undertake lifting operations in even the tightest of spaces.”

Case Study – Cruising Out of Dover with 335 Tonne Transformers

Appointed by Daher Projects GmbH, we deliver two 335 Tonne transformers to Sellindge Substation from Cruise Terminal 1 at the Port of Dover.

Cruising Out of Dover with 335 Tonnes

Arriving at the Port aboard the same vessel, our Team deftly discharged the first, lifting from the hold of the vessel to an awaiting 14 axle SPMT and stooling off for storage portside.  With the first of the 335 Tonne cargoes safely stored, we turned our attention to the second, lifting from the vessel directly to our Scheuerle girder bridge trailer.

Once safely secured to the 79.5m long trailer, at 10pm our Team made the 30 mile trip from the Port of Dover arriving six and a half hours later at the Sellindge Substation site in Ashford, Kent.

The route from Dover circled the outskirts of Folkestone, before following the M20 towards site.  With planning and enabling works beginning in January, we meticulously surveyed the route, undertaking topographical surveys and swept path analysis to identify any required modifications and street furniture removals ahead of the project’s commencement.

As highlighted in the planning stages, Collett were unable to facilitate a right turn at Junction 10 of the M20 due to the weight of the loaded vehicle and the restrictions of the structure over the M20.  This resulted in our Team travelling past junction 10 towards Junction 9 of the M20 at Ashford.  Here we undertook circumnavigation procedures with the 79.5m loaded vehicle.  After travelling back along the M20 in the opposite direction the convoy could now exit at Junction 10, joining the A20 before reversing into the site access road and on to the site itself.

Once at the site, the girder bridge was unable to navigate the site roads due to its 79.5m length.  Added to this, ground loading restrictions limited the options for delivering the transformer to its designated siting.  At this point we began transhipment operations to transfer the cargo from the girder bridge to an awaiting SPMT.  Equipped with a power pack module, our Team utilised a 4-file 10-axle configuration and began the transhipment operations.

Collett Girder Bridge Delivers Transformers to Sellindge Substation

With mats, supports and beams positioned under the transformer Collett Heavy Lift employed the hydraulic capabilities of the girder bridge, lowering the cargo to the supports and allowing the side decks to be autonomously driven clear.  Then, utilising climbing jacks, raised the transformer to a sufficient height allowing the 10-axle 4-file SPMT to be driven underneath.

Once jacked down to rest on the SPMT, the Team manoeuvred the 335 Tonne transformer to a temporary plinth before jacking & skidding to final position within the substation at a later date.  With the first of the transformers safely on site, we returned to the Port of Dover, and loaded the second of the cargoes for transport.

Delivered over two consecutive weekends in June, the second transformer followed the same procedure, arriving safely on site and successfully completing the project.


Case Study – Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility

Collett & Sons delivered a 160t Turbine and a 120t Generator from the Port of Tilbury to the Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in Stewartby, Bedfordshire.

Preparation for the 78-mile journey began in December 2019, when Collett, in association with the project partner Karl Gross GmbH, took management over the UK leg of the project.

The initial feasibility of the movement was immediately assessed, ensuring it was possible to transport the turbine from port to site in a fully constructed form. This in turn, assisted the manufacturer in the turbine production schedule and reduced the on-site build time.

With the largest item, being the turbine, measuring 8.9m (L) x 5.3m (W) x 4.8m (H), and weighing 160t, Collett undertook analysis of various under/over-ground services and structures. The biggest challenge being to keep the loaded height below 4.95m high, to allow movement along the network and motorway system.

Collett initially proposed various routes, using laser scanning technology to accurately measure the distance from the road surface to the overhead structures along the routes. Following the visual and technical checks, Collett established a definitive route utilising the specialist Girder Bridge trailer and began further stakeholder engagement.

This culminated with route enabling works performed by M25 Connect, Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Borough Council, with their assistance and operations allowing the 7.2m wide vehicle to negotiate the road space successfully.

Prior to delivery, Collett worked closely with the Port of Tilbury, carefully planning the cargo discharge including crane lift plans and an agreed programme of works for all discharge operations. Additionally, to permit departure from the Port’s exit, Collett identified several street furniture removal requirements to allow for the safe passage of the 70m long Scheuerle 550 girder bridge.

On arrival at the Port, both the turbine and generator were discharged from the vessel directly on to the specialist girder bridge trailer and secondary modular platform trailer. Within 24 hours of unloading the cargo, both payloads were on route to site.

All movements were facilitated by the Essex Police, ensuring prior warning and protection of all other road users, limiting the road-traffic congestion and ensuring extensive public safety.

Upon delivery to the Rookery Site, the turbine and generator were removed from their respective trailers and underwent final installation.

The Rookery ERF is scheduled to become operational in 2022 and has the capacity to sustainably dispose 545,000t of residual waste. In turn, the facility will generate over 60 megawatts low carbon electricity of each year, enough power to meet the need of over 122,500 homes.







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