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  • Via Cuneo, 20
    12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)

Since being acquired in 2017 by the Faymonville Group, Cometto is the specialist for the development and manufacture of heavy load modules and self-propelled modular vehicles for service loads of up to 15,000 tonnes … and beyond. The company also offers special heavy load transporters for industrial applications: Shipyard and steelwork transporters as well as conveyance systems.

Links to the Company Profiles of Faymonville and MAX Trailer

The Shipyard Transporter Brochure

The Cometto SYT self-propelled elevating transporter is primarily designed for moving ship sections.

With its payload from 100 to more than 1000 tons, shipyard applications can be carried efficiently. All details can be found in the new revised SYT brochure on this link.



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