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21 Mar 2023

Cometto’s New SPMT Generation

For more than 45 years, Cometto has designed, manufactured and sold its range of electronic steered vehicles all over the world. With the latest generation of SPMT’s for transport jobs up to 25,000t and beyond, Cometto continues setting new standards in the industry.

The Cometto MSPE self-propelled electronic modular trailers provide a complete system for heavy load transportation. The new “Standard” and “Heavy Duty” range is the most powerful on the market. “Up to 70t payload capacity per axle line and a bending moment up to 9,400 kN-m are unique advantages” declares Product Manager Adrian Zingan and highlights some other key strengths. “The range is fully compatible with previous models and with self-propelled vehicles from competitors.”

There is the possibility to combine MSPE 48t as Standard & Heavy Duty and MSPE EVO3 70T as Standard & Heavy Duty vehicles in 2,430mm or 3,000mm width and with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 modular axle lines. Tubeless tyres, night light kit with LED above each suspension for an optimum visibility and 16t lifting rings are standard equipment for both types. The impressive bending moments of 7,800 kN-m for the Standard version and 9,400 kN-m for the Heavy Duty version ensure highest force and point loads.


The MSPE 48T as Standard & Heavy Duty version with 48t payload capacity per axle line is a very strong and versatile system which allows to get many different platform configurations, suitable for all types of heavy duty task. The width up to 3,000mm provides the highest stability on the market.

“And with the MSPE EVO3 70T as Standard & Heavy Duty version, customers have the possibility to move important heavy loads in small areas in every direction with 70t payload capacity per axle line”, explains Adrian Zingan about the second product type within the product range. “The patented Cometto Dual-Link suspension offers an optimized force repartition in the suspension structure allowing this highest payload per axle line on the market. The axle geometry gives the highest possible precision during the load positioning.”



Thanks to the suspension and the tubeless tyre design, it is possible to drive long distances, steep slopes under full payload capacity and this with a better force spread on the ground. A special electronic control of hydraulic drive motors allows all motors to start precisely at the same time and inching movements down to 5mm/s.

With Cometto’s products and technology, customers will reach new levels of efficiency and safety! The competence centre for self-propelled modular transporters constantly pioneers the implementation of new technologies, researching and developing solutions in a fast changing world.

Source Cometto

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