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9 May 2018

Cometto still in the space!

9 May 2018

A new special vehicle for aerospace company Europropulsion S.A.

Cometto as the specialist for self-propelled, modular and special industrial vehicles delivered recently a special electric trailer type EMT 4/4 to the aerospace customer Europropulsion S.A. in French Guyana. 

The project has been concluded in partnership with Bisiach e CarrùS.p.A., the leading Italian company in robotic activities. They were in charge of the horizontal assembly of the igniter and nozzle of P120C (auxiliary solid rocket motor of Ariane 6 and first stage of the Vega C launcher presently under development).

A fully electric platform trailer with a technical payload of 40t   

The chosen special vehicle from Cometto is based on the original standard EMT series, a fully electric self-propelled platform trailer designed for in-plant heavy duty logistics. Thanks to its wide cushion tires and hydraulic suspensions, the vehicle can even be used in internal and external environments. 

The electric 4-axle self-propelled transporter EMT 4/4 from Europropulsion S.A. has a technical payload of 40t. An important feature is the hydraulic parallel-lifting system and the floating spheres support system with hydraulic centering system. The collision warning system offers maximum security, which makes the trailer ideal for the use inside pyrotechnic environments. The 3mm positioning accuracy and the isostatic system at four points represent additional useful features for a good handling.  

EMT range offers different configurations 

The EMT 4/4 is equipped with three sets of 120 Ah/48V LiFePO4 batteries, an integrated BMS (battery management system) and an external high frequency three-phase 380V battery charger. The modular vehicle possesses an optical automatic guidance with an infra-red cameras/interpreter for track and tag recognition.   

The EMT range by Cometto has some more configurations to propose. The 2-axle version has a load capacity of 18t and the 3-axle model about 28t. The EMT vehicles can be controlled by remote control or with a self-driving AGV system.

Company Europropulsion S.A. subsidiary of Italian Avio and  French Arianegroup ensures the cooperation between France and Italy on civil space activities through the development and series production of large solid propellant rocket motors for the European launchers Ariane and Vega under the ESA (European Space Agency) management and based on financial contributions by the Italian and French governments. 

Cometto has produced special vehicles for aerospace companies since the early 1980s, implementing year-by-year new technologies to produce the best and safestvehicles for this field of activity.

True to our motto: Cometto propelled to the MAX! 

About the Faymonville Group:

Headquartered in Luxembourg, the Faymonville Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers for the special haulage industry. 

Faymonville Group’s brand portfolio includes transport solutions from 15t up to 15,000t ….. and beyond.  

The Faymonville Group has a production area of more than 150,000 m² in 5 different factories with a capacity of more than 3,000 units per year and provides the most dedicated customer support in this industry. 

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