Cometto SPMTs Assist on Parnaíba V Project in Brazil – Heavy Lift News
14 Dec 2020

Cometto SPMTs Assist on Parnaíba V Project in Brazil

The electronic steering guarantees maximum maneuverability and precision thanks to +135˚/-135˚ steering angle.

Transdata from Brazil recently solved different transport tasks with their 56 Cometto axle-lines during the installation of a power plant station.

The Parnaíba V Project in Maranhão is the closure of the Parnaiba I cycle, which adds 386 MW to the complex. It’s one of the largest thermal gas generation plants in the country with GE (General Electric) equipment.

Transdata has participated in this prestigious achievement, with the handling of all heavy pieces of cargo. Their electronically steered heavy duty SPMT modules could play out all their strengths here. The needed tasks included: receiving alongside the vessel at the port of Itaqui, temporary storage, loading, road transportation, internal handling, lifting and positioning onto bases for the installation.

For these diversified activities, the Brazilian specialists used their Cometto SPMT fleet with 40 tons of payload capacity per axle line, in a 22-axle combination as well as different side-by-side configurations. Each wheel set of the SPMT uses a lifting cylinder for optimized stability control, even under difficult conditions. They can be maneuvered precisely in confined spaces and are able to cope with the highest payloads.

Transdata is located in São Paulo and stands out for offering complete oversized and heavy cargo moving solutions to enable the deployment of the largest structural facilities in Brazil. This includes refineries, platforms and shipyards, wind farms, as well as hydroelectric, industrial, steel and mining sectors.

Source Cometto

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