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24 Jan 2022

Cometto MSPEs Transport 1,140t Ship Section

A ship section weighing 1,140t and measuring 32m long and 42m wide was transported at the Crist S.A. shipyard in Gdynia, Poland by Krebs Korrosionsschutz GmbH.

For the first part of the transport Krebs deployed 36 Cometto MSPE self-propelled modular axle lines with two power pack units, each with a driving force of 202 KW. However, for the next part of the transport over water the Cometto MSPE units were driven on to a barge that was narrower than the length of the loaded SPMTs.

The Krebs SPMT driver Steffen Kl├╝ckmann’s solution to this challenge used his experience and lifted three axle lines, which then were left hanging together with the power pack over the side of the barge as depicted in the featured title photograph.



Source Cometto


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