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26 Apr 2021

Cometto Moves 2000t Reactors from Walter Tosto to Jumbo Kinetic

The World’s largest refinery reactors ever had to be moved from the dock side workshop of fabricator, Walter Tosco, in the Italian port of Ortona to the heavy lift ship Jumbo Kinetic across on the other side of the port, waiting to ship them further. The fabrication of this equipment has defined a new technological limit for the pressure equipment sector.

A total of 80 axle lines of Cometto SPMT had been assembled to pick up the 2,000 tons freight. 32 yellow painted ones were directly from Walter Tosto,with  another 48 units from a partner. The electronically steered modules carefully moved the sensitive cargo from the workshop area onto a waiting barge. The two 1.500t cranes on the Jumbo Kinetic lifted the reactors from the barge, loading them for onward transportation.

CEO Luca Tosto was happy after the successful moves: “We thank all those who worked with high commitment to this project for reaching this very important milestone”

With a consolidated experience in the design and fabrication of items for the process industry, in particular Chemical, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas and Energy, today Walter Tosto is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high pressure equipment and vessels.

The company owns six workshops in Chieti (Italy), a seafront workshop in Ortona (Italy), a subsidiary facility based in Bucharest, and an additional plant in Romania with access to the Danube river.


Source Cometto

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