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10 Jun 2022

Cometto Eco1000 Units Provide Solution for Allegiance Crane & Equipment

When the US company Allegiance Crane & Equipment had to transport a 20m tank, they needed to solve the challenge to find the considerable loading length and the challenges resulting from the route profile.

Two challenges which were overcome by two Eco1000 self-propelled vehicles from Cometto providing the solution.



For this mission, the Allegiance specialists coupled a 4-axle and a 6-axle Eco1000 together as an “end-to-end” combination. This created sufficient loading length to be able to support the fragile components in the right places. Yet the combination must equally be extremely compact. And this is only made possible by integrating the drive units between the axles of the modules. This created additional loading area. Now there was sufficient space for the vessel with its length of 67 feet (20,422mm) and weight of 61,000 lbs (30,390kg).

Originally, the customer wanted to drive this transport with a tractor-drawn combination. “But after measuring the curves, it quickly became clear that the job could only be done with Cometto’s all-rounder,” explains B. J. Buchanan, Director of Operational Support at Allegiance Crane & Equipment. The vehicle combination is connected to a data line and operated by a driver via a radio remote control.



In this night transport project over two miles on public roads, the self-propelled Eco1000 modules played another trump card. Cometto Sales Manager Joachim Kolb remarks: “Thanks to our Night Light Kit, which comes as standard equipment, the driver has a well-lit view of the vehicle’s surroundings at all times.”

The unloading site was reached on time and without any incident.

Source Cometto

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