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15 Mar 2021

Cometto Delivers MSPE Units to S.I.M.I. Srl.

Cometto has delivered 24 Cometto MSPE self-propelled modular axle to their Italian customer S.I.M.I. Srl. The complete order consists of lines composed of three 4-axle MSPE 4/4/2,43 48T, two 6-axle MSPE 6/4/2,43 48T and two Power Pack Units with a power of 202 kW.

Additionally, the Italian specialists pick up accessories for side-by-side coupling and accessories for road circulation. The customer get these components for the on-road use in accordance to the Italian homologation rules. It includes a front operator platform, equipped with radio remote control connection device. Rear and front bumpers complete with lights and white/red extra-width panels rounds up the delivery.

Company S.I.M.I. was established in 1975 and the business activities initially focused on large public works, gradually integrated with the participation in oversize loads. From the late eighties, regular investments have been made with the aim of increasing the company’s presence in the world of plant engineering.

A constant specialization and a large fleet of own vehicles have projected SIMI to the top of the domestic oversize load market. Such steady growth has called for the creation of an operational area to keep an eye on technical aspects right from the preliminary stages of the project, providing clients with suggestions and solutions.

Over the last decade, SIMI extends its performance on foreign markets with projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Cometto is now part of this constant evolution and builds the basement for new transport possibilities of heaviest loads.

Source Cometto


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