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29 Sep 2020

Cometto Delivers MSPE Modules to Cayon Groupe

In 2018, 20 axle lines of Cometto MSPE 48T were delivered to the French company Cayon Groupe in Chalon-sur-Saône. The French company Cayon Groupe were taking their first steps in the field of self-propelled trailers.

The projects followed as predicted, confirming that it had been the right decision for the French transport specialist to enter this new field of activity.

Two years on and today the growth in this sector has confirmed that their SPMT fleet requires strengthening.

As in 2018 Cometto is still the reliable partner to build the right equipment for the Groupe Cayon. This time the new delivery from Cometto includes two 4-axle modules type MSPE 4/4/2 48t and side-by-side coupling accessories.

Source Cometto

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