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23 Feb 2023

Cometto 4-axle Eco1000 Moving Structures Around Plauen Stahl’s Building Sites Without Cranes

Plauen Stahl Technologie is one of Germany’s highest performing and most innovative steel construction companies.

To further consolidate this status, a 4-axle Eco1000 self-propelled vehicle from Cometto recently joined the fleet.



Things happened in quick succession for the new vehicle. After delivery and in-depth training for the operators, it went straight into action at a large bridge building site in Bad Kösen, where, thanks to the self-propelled vehicle’s impressive axle stroke of 700 mm, Plauen Stahl took care of building site logistics without cranes.


The electronic 90-degree steering of the self-propelled vehicle is pre-programmed for driving in transversely between the support blocks.


“The tasks of the Eco1000 included taking up the delivered bridge sections and positioning them on to heavy duty support blocks”, says building site manager Marco Thiel, describing the daily work of the new acquisition.  Even the alignment of two sections for the final site weld is extremely precise with this steering system. “And since the customer uses the vehicle on public roads”, adds Joachim Kolb, Sales Manager of Cometto, “we equipped it with bumpers and lighting systems.”


Cometto also had the requisite ace up its sleeve in the administrative area. ” To prepare the necessary documents for road use in advance of delivery, we invited a German TÜV expert to Italy to do the acceptance testing in accordance with sections 21 and 70. This meant everything was ready for delivery on time for the customer to apply for their necessary road permits.”

Plauen Stahl Technologie can look back on a long history. It was founded in 1885 as F. Sachs and was renamed Plauen Stahl Technologie GmbH in 2003. One of Plauen Stahl Technologie’s core businesses is the construction of railway and road bridges. These include truss, trough, arch, network arch and cable-stayed bridges. The company has around 200 employees, who process around 20,000 metric tons of steel annually. No wonder they  say, “We live steel!” And this steel is now being moved on the construction sites by the 4-axle Cometto Eco1000 – propelled to the MAX!



Source Cometto

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