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2 Jun 2023

Colonia’s Cranes Dismantle Gantry Crane

At the beginning of the year, a gantry crane from 1985 was successfully dismantled in cooperation between Theo Steil GmbH in Cologne for the recycling of metallic waste, Deutz, Ralf Teichmann GmbH and Colonia Spezialfahrzeuge.



This massive gantry crane had an impressive lifting capacity of up to 16t  and a total weight of 128t.



For this demanding task, two mobile cranes were used in tandem lifting. The Liebherr LTM1650 with 125t of counterweight and the Terex AC350 with 142t of counterweight and guyed main boom worked hand in hand to dismantle the gantry crane safely and efficiently.


Source Colonia


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