Colonia Lifting Bridge Girders – Heavy Lift News
17 Dec 2021

Colonia Lifting Bridge Girders

On December 11th, 2021 Colonia, working for Firma Amand, lifted 6 steel girders topped with a concrete surface, a length of almost 60m and a weight of almost 90t.

The first lift and transport from the pre-assembly area along the A4 motorway to the final site on the motorway was made with a 300t mobile crane and a 250t mobile crane working tandem and two self propelled trailers with a specially built framework.

The girders were lifted off the trailers and into position over the motorway by a tandem lift performed by a 400t mobile crane and a 700t mobile crane.

After almost 10 hours of operation, all 6 bridge girders were positioned in their correct positions.



Source Colonia

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