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29 Jun 2021

Colonia Assist with Lifts in Cologne

COLONIA Spezialfahrzeuge supported Dieter Schächt und Sohn GmbH with their LTM1160-5.2 for 3 days recently with renovation work on the roof terrace of the former exhibition tower in Cologne.

The aim was to bring the old and dilapidated roofing material down to the ground from a height of 65.00 m using a rubble trough and unload it there into a disposal container.

In order to achieve the required height and load capacity, the mobile crane was ballasted with a 34t counterweight and a 19m long folding jib was attached, which was then angled by 20 °.

Together with the 62m long main boom, the height was no longer a problem and Colonia’s crane driver was able to carry out the work routinely without problem.



Source COLONIA Spezialfahrzeuge

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