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31 Oct 2019

Collett’s Transformer Transport Trilogy – Video



The first of three transformers leaves Stafford safely secured in Collet’s girder bridge.


The Collett team mobilised in the West Midlands as this would be the first time that their girder bridge had been used to transport transformers from this Stafford manufacturing facility. After transporting the girder bridge to the site in modular form, the team constructed the girder bridge before loading the 216t cargo.

Departing from the site on Sunday, their Team travelled the 35 miles to overnight at Davenport. The following day, under Police and private escort throughout, their convoy completed the 70 mile journey to Ellesmere Port, and off-loaded the transformer at the port storage area.

The Collett team have already returned to Stafford to undertake the second transport, with the third scheduled for mid-November.

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