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16 Apr 2019

Collett’s Training4Transport Introduce their new Driver CPC Course – LoDriving

This course is designed to give drivers an insight into strategies to reduce fuel use, emissions and improve air quality.

Specifically, the course is giving training on:

  • How good journey planning, vehicle checks and maintenance can reduce emissions.
  • How to apply fuel-efficient driving techniques designed to improve efficiency.
  • The value of vehicle design and technology.
  • How in-vehicle technologies improve driving performance and reduce impact with VRU’s.
  • Alternative cleaner fuels that are available for commercial vehicles.

By attending this JAUPT approved course attendees will gain 7 hours towards their required 35 hours of periodical training*. It is also a FORS accredited course, which will be uploaded to the FORS register upon completion of the 7 hours.

Training4Transport also offer a variety of other CPC courses such as;

Safe Urban Driving
Module 1
Safer Loader Loading Safely
Abnormal Loads – STGO Awareness.

*NOTE: The 35 hours of training will need completing by 9th September 2019!

For news and more details of Collett take a look at their Company Profile on this link  

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