Collett's new 8x8 Crane Vehicle – Heavy Lift News
13 Feb 2019

Collett’s new 8×8 Crane Vehicle

Collett Transport is providing industry leading equipment with an impressive 115 tonne/meter crane mounted on an 8×8 tractor unit. The crane features 6 boom extensions, with a lift capacity of 22 tonnes at 4.15 meters and 5.62 tonnes at 15.45 meters. The lorry loader has a gross vehicle weight of 90 tonnes and is capable of self-loading and off-loading, eliminating the need for a mobile crane.

As previously mentioned, the tractor unit has an 8×8 chassis which allows all eight wheels to work as driven axles. This provides the lorry loader with added traction making it a perfect piece of equipment for heavy duty site work. The vehicle has the ability to be used as a heavy haulage tractor unit to pull trailers however, it has the additional option to be used as a ballast tractor to push or pull heavy payloads. Crane vehicles have become are a prominent feature across Collett’s diverse fleet and with the addition of this 115 Tonne/Meter crane, they continue to provide heavy lift and transport solutions.

Source Collett & Sons Lts

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