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19 Jul 2021

Collett’s Girder Bridge in the Netherlands with Wagenborg Nedlift

As reported on in May, Wagenborg Nedlift BV carried out a unique Girder Bridge transport in the Netherlands. The Girder Bridge had been brought over from Collett and Sons in England specially for this transport. As a result of Holland’s vast waterway network, specialised equipment like the Girder Bridge is uncommon as using inland waterway vessels to transport breakbulk cargo is more efficient. The two 250t transformers had already travelled over 1500km from Zagreb, Croatia by barge on rivers and canals, however, for the last few kilometres transport over the road was necessary.

Two experience members of the Collett’s Girder Bridge Team accompanied the Girder Bridge from England to provide their expertise and knowledge. Prior to undertaking the operation, a member of the Collett Team carried out a test drive along the route to give approval.

Collett have provided more photographs of this unique transport.

Using a 350 Tonne crawler crane, the transformers were offloaded directly from the barge onto the Girder Bridge.

With the viaduct measuring 4.60 metres high and the transformer having a loaded height of 4.52 metres, there was little room for negotiation.


Source Collett and Sons

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