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14 Mar 2022

Collett’s Challenging In-House Crane Removal Operation

The Collett Heavy Lift Team took on an in-house project, utilising their Enerpac JS125 jacking system to extract a 20t gantry crane from the Collett Halifax Mile Thorn warehouse.

The Enerpac JS125 jacking and skidding system

With the decision to upgrade to a higher capacity gantry, the old school Butler 15t capacity gantry crane needed to be removed from the facility.  However, the limited clearance space above the crane and a central gas pipeline running across the length of the warehouse discounted mobile cranes from providing a feasible option.

The onsite Heavy Lift Team decided to utilise the hydraulic capabilities of their Enerpac JS125 jacking and skidding system to extract the 20t structure.

This multi-point lifting system features a 125t capacity per tower lowering or raising the load with the synchronised removal or insertion of the stacking barrels in each tower, maintaining the balance of the load. Featuring self-contained hydraulics in each jack-up unit, the JS125 is ideal for more restricted environments where operating space is at a premium.

At a height of 6m, with each tower supporting the antique Butler crane it was raised a further 100mm. The crane then had to be shunted in 150mm steps to avoid the central gas pipeline and the surrounding roof structure.

Once clear of obstructions, the bespoke turntable allowed the team to shift the orientation of the crane 180 degrees and gradually lower it, completing this challenging lifting and turning operation.


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