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31 Jul 2018

Collett moves transformer to Grid Link

Another successeful Collett heavy transformer project – Collett & Sons Ltd

Date 30 July 2018

Motorists were warned of an exceptional load that was going to be transported from Ellesmere Port on the UK’s North West coast to a National Grid Substation at Cellarhead near Stoke-on-Trent over 80kms away on Saturday in late July. That was the first notice that the motorists had heard of the move, but for Collett and Sons Ltd it was almost the completion of a successful project.

Plans for moving the 184t transformer started early in 2018.  Liam McLoughlin, senior projects manager at Collett & Sons: “Enabling works and planning started in early 2018 for this movement. It has involved the Collett project and heavy lift departments who undertook the pre-planning works, the discharging of the transformer from the vessel at Ellesmere Port, right the way through to the delivery at the National Grid site in Cellarhead. In addition, once the transformer arrives at the substation, Collett’s heavy lift team will offload and final install the Unit to its final position on the plinth, using state of the art hydraulic jacking and skidding equipment.”

source Collett & Sons Ltd

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