Collett Jack, Skid and Transport 23t Pressure Vessel for LBBC in Stanningley, Leeds – Heavy Lift News
22 Nov 2021

Collett Jack, Skid and Transport 23t Pressure Vessel for LBBC in Stanningley, Leeds

Due to site restrictions at both sites, the Collett Team were required to use the hydraulic capabilities of their jacking and skidding systems to extract and deliver the pressure vessel for LBBC, Leeds and Bradford Boiler Co Ltd.

Calling upon the various trailer technology across the Collett fleet, the Team arrived equipped with the Faymonville low loader.  Featuring a super low loading height, the 2-axle MegaMAX trailer allows skid loading directly to the trailer bed.  Furthermore, this short wheel base trailer with hydraulic stub axles allows the steering axle to the altered up to 45°, ideal for accessing tight areas and hard to get to sites.

On arrival at LBBC Beechwood, and armed with their hydraulic jacking & skidding system, the Team began the task of extracting the 23t vessel from its siting to the awaiting trailer.

With 25t jacks placed at designated jacking points under the vessel, the Team gradually raised the load in 25cm increments.  Supported throughout by timber safety packing, the Collett Heavy Lift Team continued the jacking operation until the vessel gradually reached the suitable height to allow for the installation of the skidding system.

Reaching the optimum height for the skidding operations, the Team positioned the skidding track, complete with hydraulic push-pull units and low-friction skidding pads.  As the push-pull units hydraulically extended and retracted between the locking points on the track, the vessel could then be maneuvered to the trailer bed.

Having completed loading operations at their Beechwood facility, our Team then carefully transported the unit the short distance to LBBC Technologies, before off loading and skidding into position, ready for final build.

Source Collett and Sons Ltd

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