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13 Jul 2020

Collett Deliver Bridge Sections to Monkey Island – Video

Over a series of weeks Collett deliver several bridge sections from Cleveland Bridge’s Darlington site to the Monkey Island development project in Berkshire. Ranging in length from 15m to 36m, and weighing 26t to 63t, Collett delivered each of the paired girders the 295 miles to the delivery site.

Utilising specialist extendable flat trailers, the Collett Team loaded each of the lengthy cargoes at their Darlington manufacturing facility ready for the journey south to the Slough construction site. With three sections of 26t, three of 53t and three of 63t, the team transported the loads in multiple convoys to site, providing timed deliveries to suit road closures already in place. Two of each section were delivered in advance to the site compound for pre-erection prior to the last three secton being delivered directly on the M4 weekend motorway closure when the completed bridge was finally installed.

Fabricated by Darlington based Cleveland Bridge, Collett successfully delivered the nine braced pairs to site before being assembled and installed during a 54 hour period.

Each of the girders once constructed will form an 82m long, 400t steel bridge at Monkey Island as part of a major upgrade of the M4 motorway between junctions 3 & 10. The bridge forms part of a scheme that will eventually see a total of 11 bridges replaced along the M4 in Berkshire as the highway is upgraded to a smart motorway.


Source Collett and Sons Ltd and Cleveland Bridge


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