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15 Sep 2023

Collett Completes Final Leg of Combined Project with Wagenborg

Working on collaboration with Wagenborg, Collett were responsible for the final leg of the project

Collett’s part of this complex project covered the transportation of the transformer from Dublin Port to its ultimate destination at Corduff Substation.

Collett’s involvement extended beyond transportation and encompassed critical tasks such as conducting route surveys, managing transport logistics, handling offloading, and positioning the transformer. The transformer’s dimensions were:

  • Length    9.3m
  • Width     3.6m
  • Height    4.6m
  • Weight    184t
  • Total loaded vehicle length 65.4m

This meticulous process involved producing a comprehensive swept path analysis report that assessed every turn along the route to guarantee the safe transportation of the oversized cargo. Additionally, Collett generated a report for removing street furniture to identify and eliminate any obstacles or obstructions along the route. They also secured the necessary permits for an alternative route to circumvent the motorway due to specific restrictions.

Before the transformer arrived at Dublin Port, they mobilised their 550t capacity girder frame trailer and heavy tractor units, for transportation from UK to Ireland.



On arrival of the vessel in Dublin Port from Rotterdam, their teams piloted Wagenborg’s 22-axle trailer, with the 184t transformer, from the vessel to a designated transshipment area, where it was lowered onto stools using the trailer’s hydraulic suspension.



Subsequently, the girder bridge trailer was assembled around the transformer for self-loading. The transformer was then transported to a storage area to await the following stage.

The delivery itself took place during the night, strategically planned to traverse Dublin city centre causing minimum disruption to normal traffic. Covering a distance of 13.4 miles, the journey took four hours, with a maximum vehicle speed of 5 miles per hour.



Police escorts and Collett’s pilot cars accompanied the 65.4-meter-long load to the substation site.



On arrival at Corduff Substation, the Collett team faced a challenging route to the site, including overhanging cables, where the trailer’s suspension was lowered, allowing it to pass safely under. Once alongside the bund area, the transformer was self-offloaded onto the skid track and skidded 16m onto the final plinth.



Hydraulic jacks lowered the transformer onto the plinth, for the final movement to its final position using specialized positioning plates.

This remarkable engineering and logistics achievement highlights Collett & Sons’ expertise in handling oversized and intricate cargo deliveries.







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