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28 Apr 2022

Collett Complete Kennoxhead Wind Farm Transport – Video

Collett were appointed to undertake all of the Kennoxhead Wind Farm logistical planning and execution to deliver each of the 130 components, including the preparation of all method statements, risk assessments and all supporting documentation.

Located south of the A70, near the village of Glespin on the Douglas Estate, the thirteen turbine site features Nordex N133 onshore wind turbines with an individual blade length of 64m and a tip height of no more than 180m.



Beginning with a test drive of the 46 mile route from King George V Dock to South Lanarkshire, the Collett Team simulated the 68m loaded vehicle to ensure that the 64m blades could safely traverse the route.  Utilising the data gathered during the test drive, coupled with the preliminary planning reports, allowed the Collett Team to determine the suitability of the route, identifying any necessary modifications ahead of the commencement of deliveries.  This included the removal of street furniture at King George V Dock and required civils work on site to prevent the loaded trailers grounding on the wind farm access roads.

Having undertaken all these modifications ahead of the delivery schedule, phase one of Kennoxhead Wind Farm began.  Utilising King George V Dock’s 32.6 hectares of storage, all components were imported to the Glasgow facility for onward transport.



Following the recent expansion of Collett’s renewable energy fleet with the acquisition of Plant Speed’s entire fleet of super wing carriers, extendable trailers and lift adapters , the team utilised several specialist wind turbine trailers to undertake deliveries.  This included clamp trailers for the base and middle tower sections, 6-axle step-frames for the top towers, nacelle, hubs & drive trains and Faymonville quadruple extendable wing max trailers for the 64m blades.



Each of the loaded components left King George V Dock between 9:30am & 11:30am travelling under police and private escort for the journey to the South Lanarkshire site. With the identified civils having already been completed, each of the blades, towers, hubs and nacelles was transported on the route which include motorways and country lanes to the Kennoxhead Wind Farm site entrance and on to the respective pad site. Collett’s specialist onsite towing vehicles were used to overcome steep gradients and unpredictable access conditions due to adverse weather.



Phase one of the Kennoxhead Wind Farm is now completed with the 133.2m diameter turbines featuring a 13,935m² rotor sweep expected to enter commercial operation later this year.

Phase 2 of the project is still in development with 14 proposed additional turbines expected to be operational in 2024.




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