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3 Mar 2022

Collett Collect Second Nooteboom MANOOVR trailer

Fresh from the factory, Collett and Sons Ltd. have collected the second of their new Nooteboom MANOOVR trailers.

Designed by Nooteboom Trailers, the European market leaders in the design and production of vehicles for abnormal load transportation, these new trailers are robust, innovative and designed specifically to meet the requirements of the heavy transport industry.

The MANOOVR is the next generation in transportation, featuring an adjustable platform height from 920mm to an impressive 780mm at the lowest point, whilst the hydro-pneumatic suspension makes it possible to load jacked-up loads without the need for a crane.

Revolutionary due to its simplicity, the MANOOVR semi-low loader features unique suspension and a 70 degree steering angle whilst the pendulum axles allow an axle load of 12Te, the highest permitted axle load in Europe.



These two new 2+6 stepframe trailers are the latest additions to the Collett fleet, providing them with an adaptable solution for heavy transport projects in an increasingly demanding industry.


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