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25 Aug 2020

Collett and Sons Deliver to Solwaybank Wind Farm

The Collett team has begun the transport of the 120 main components and ancillary items for the Solwaybank Wind Farm from Glasgow’s King George V Dock  to the wind farm located in Dumfries & Galloway. The Solwaybank Wind Farm will have fifteen Vestas V100 wind turbines, each with three 49m blades on towers 75m high.

Space is at a premium at the Glasgow dockside. This is the first of two wind farms their teams are currently delivering from King George V and the parts of a third project are already securely stored. The Port of Grangemouth and Collett’s port-side facility are also being used for 24 of the tower sections destined for Solwaybank.

The components begin the journey from the port to the construction site on four axle extendable flat trailers and their specialist Scheuerle clamp trailers designed specifically for the transport of wind turbine towers.

The Collett team has more than these specialist trailers available for this work. Collett’s three Nooteboom Super Wing Carriers are also there for the transport of the 49m long blades. These are extendable four times from 18.65m to 64.3m. The trailers offer the ideal solution for blades, providing a 60-degree steering angle and a significant suspension travel (lift/lower) for extra ground clearance and added platform stability. Additionally, Vestas gyro-static frames have been fitted to accommodate the tip frames of the Vestas blades. These are designed to reduce stress on the blade during transport with optimum manoeuvrability on the trailer.

Beginning in July and working to a 9-week schedule, the Collett team will cover a total of 11,500 miles, safely delivering each of the cargoes to the 750t installation crane at the wind farm site.

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