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11 May 2018

Church work

A closer look: Working on Saint Teresa’s Roman Catholic church in Cleveleys, Blackpool

11. May 2018

A man working on what looks like the repointing of Saint Teresa’s Roman Catholic church in Cleveleys, Blackpool, but with work at height equipment that is the very opposite of safe or efficient. 

The man was working at a height of between six and eight metres, he has used a ladder to get up onto the roof and then used a alloy scaffold tower base, and then added a small step up platform to that – not a guardrail in sight, let alone a toeboard. Should he slip of the stacked combination come down he could well fall over the edge to the ground below, possibly landing on a passer by or causing them extreme trauma as he impacts the street.

Perhaps he though he had divine protection?

In the words of our correspondent


I Came across this image and thought it qualifies as a death wish given the task and location. Shame to see this still occurs but it is all driven by price/costs and the cheapest option inevitably wins…..”

Definitely one for our Death Wish series – Have a safe weekend  SOURCE:

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