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14 Sep 2018

CHMI Contract for Huisman

The innovative drilling system developed by Huisman is to be engineered and fabricated by Huisman and delivered to CMHI Photograph – Huisman

Date 14 September 2018

CMHI has awarded Huisman a contract for engineering and fabrication of their innovative Drilling System.

This week, China Merchants Heavy Industries (CMHI) awarded Huisman, the worldwide provider of stepchanging technical solutions, a contract for the engineering and fabrication of a drilling system which will be integrated and installed on the moored drilling semi-submersible constructed at CMHI Haimen. This drilling system will be used for oil and gas drilling activities in shallow to medium water depths all around Asia, particularly the South China Sea.

The contract is a result of a constructive cooperation between CMHI and Huisman during the semi’s concept design. The drilling system comprises an 1800kips static rated load Dual Multi Purpose Drilling Tower (DMPT), a single pipe setback drum,  innovative manipulator arms for pipe and tool handling, top drive, iron roughnecks, skid carts, catwalk machines, gantry and deck cranes, drillers cabins and Huisman’s fully integrated control system.

The Dual Multi Purpose Tower (DMPT) will be delivered in the second quarter of 2020 to CMHI Jiangsu Yard in China. Fabrication and final commissioning of the completed DMPT will take place at Huisman China.

Source Huisman

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