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12 Jun 2020

Chinese Nuclear Power Plant Lifts by Sarens

When the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) needed a main crane for installation work at the Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Plant, located in Zhangzhou city in East China’s Fujian province, they chose the Sarens CC8800-1 crane. It was the first time the CC8800-1 was used for a Chinese nuclear project, where nuclear power construction projects must adhere to the highest standards. It was also the beginning of evolving Covid-19 developments, which have demanded an increased commitment to the health and safety of all who are a part of this project.

The CC8800-1 proved to be an ideal choice because CNNC required a large crane that could lift over 1.600 tonnes, travel longer distances (74 metres) with the load, and have a large working radius (more than 180 tonnes at 82 metres lift). The CC8800-1 has more than 24.000 tonnes load moment, an excellent capacity at a larger radius, and is a very flexible crane, especially with the SL ballast adjustment of 25-30 metres.

The CC8800-1 was transported from another job site in Tianjin in December of 2019, taking about six weeks to be dismantled, transported, and assembled on site in Zhangzhou. The crane has now been on site since January of 2020 and will remain there through the end of the year, where it will be installing steel liner modules on the nuclear island.

A second steel lining module for the nuclear island reactor of unit 1 of the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant was successfully lifted into place on May 29.

The landmark event took place after the successful lifting of the first module on March 24, according to  CNNC.

CNNC experts said that the module weighs 114.5 metric tons, has an outer diameter of 46.8 meters and a height of 9.96 m.

They said the successful lifting laid a solid foundation for the construction of the interior of the reactor building and the reactor containment infrastructure.


A steel lining module for the nuclear island reactor building of unit 1 of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant is lifted into place on May 29.


Source Sarens and China National Nuclear Corporation

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