Challenging Delivery of Silos and Tanks Completed by Wasel in Kempen - Gallery – Heavy Lift News
24 Mar 2022

Challenging Delivery of Silos and Tanks Completed by Wasel in Kempen – Gallery

The specific challenges of this assignment quickly became clear during the first inspection by Wasel’s technical field service, between the houses and narrow property entrances in a residential area in Kempen. There was little space for large-scale manoeuvring of transport vehicles and cranes. An intelligent solution had to be found for transporting the four silos and two rectangular tanks to the installation site.

The largest system element, a rectangular buffer tank measuring 5.90m x 2.90m x 3.50m and weighing 4 tons, was transported along with another water tank on a flatbed low-loader. A second low-loader and two articulated lorries delivered the remaining elements.

With guidance from strategically placed colleagues the truck drivers reversed their loads one after the other into the narrow residential street, where a 50t mobile crane, surrounded by private residences, unloaded the trucks on to a flatbed vehicle which then shuttled the loads to a 60t mobile crane. From this position it was then no longer a major challenge to lower the containers safely and precisely on to their intended positions on the concrete foundation.

Thanks to their careful preliminary planning and Wasel’s well-established team on site, the job went smoothly with a total of five transport vehicles and two mobile cranes.


The following picture gallery shows impressions of the deployment in Kempen/Lower Rhine.



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