Cadeler Selects RL 2600 Ram Luffing Crane from Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH for Wind Osprey - Video – Heavy Lift News
22 Jun 2023

Cadeler Selects RL 2600 Ram Luffing Crane from Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH for Wind Osprey – Video

The Liebherr RL 2600 Ram Luffing Offshore Crane

One of the leading Danish suppliers in the offshore wind industry, Cadeler A/S, is supporting its Wind Osprey vessel with the latest RL 2600. This acquisition is part of the company’s upgrade initiatives through which by early 2024, its O-class vessels will be ready to support the next generation of wind turbines. Cadeler visited Liebherr Rostock in March for a personal kick-off meeting, discussing project-specific developments of the deck crane, and touring the high-tech factory in which the crane is built. This project paves the way for a long and fruitful partnership.

Building on the winds of change. Wind turbines are sizing up, as are demands for even larger cranes with higher specifications. Established in 2008, Cadeler has become one of the leading offshore wind industry companies. They have installed over 500 offshore wind turbines and equally as many foundations and are aiming to become the key supplier in the industry’s ongoing development. Among the essential assets of their work are two highly efficient Windfarm Installation Vessels, the Wind Orca and Wind Osprey. In addition to offshore wind farm installation, these vessels are very well suited for maintenance and decommissioning tasks within offshore wind.

The latest-generation Liebherr Ram Luffing Offshore Crane, the RL 2600, is part of the modernisation of Wind Osprey. With its focus on logistical support moving tools and smaller attachments, the deck crane is well positioned to support the vessel’s larger main crane. It has also been optimised to feature a small tail radius and the absence of machinery housing, which allows it to operate in confined space conditions and environments.



Its 7m³ cabin is highly ergonomic and ensures low-fatigue work for the operator. The combination of these features, as well as Liebherr’s high reliability and extensive service network, were among the main reasons why Cadeler chose Liebherr for its next-generation upgrades.

The Liebherr RL 2600 will replace an older cylinder luffing deck crane, and it is primed to support the installation of larger wind turbines for years to come.




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Cadeler visited Liebherr Rostock for a kick-off meeting to discuss crane design details, and tour the factory in which the crane is being built (f.l.t.r.: Ilie Toma, Project Manager at Liebherr; Gregor Levold, General Manager Sales – Offshore, Ship and Port Cranes at Liebherr; David Möller, Design Engineer at Liebherr; Matti Basan, Senior Sales Manager General Purpose Offshore Cranes at Liebherr; Marc Findeisen, Head of Customer Service Offshore Cranes at Liebherr; Jacob Grønvald Nielsen, Crane & Heavylift Specialist at Cadeler; Michael Strandgaard Merrild, Technical Superintendent at Cadeler).

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