Buss Completes Marshalling Project for Borkum II as Blue Tern sails from Eemshaven - Video – Heavy Lift News
15 May 2020

Buss Completes Marshalling Project for Borkum II as Blue Tern sails from Eemshaven – Video

This week the installation ship Blue Tern left the terminal in Eemshaven for the last time to erect the remaining two towers in the Trianel wind farm Borkum II. It was the eleventh offshore project that Buss Energy Group has successfully completed at Buss Terminal Eemshaven. Buss Terminal Eemshaven served as the base port for handling the storage, pre-assembly and shipping of the 32 wind turbines. The commissioning of the wind turbines with a capacity of around 200 megawatts is scheduled for mid 2020. The second expansion stage of the first purely municipal offshore wind farm is located 45 kilometres north of Borkum. The planned operating period is 25 years.

Buss Energy Group was responsible for the port logistics of the Trianel Borkum II wind farm project in the North Sea. Buss Energy Group provided turnkey port logistics with corresponding engineering services, as well as quality and operational safety services for the project. These included in particular the unloading, storage and pre-assembly of large components for installation at sea. Buss moved many tons with its own equipment: the towers of the wind turbines weigh 380 tons each, the nacelles amount to 425 tons each. Every rotor blade measures almost 75 meters. Pre-assembly of the turbines was carried out by the company’s own personnel and under the supervision of the technical department of the Buss Energy Group. At sea, each wind turbine has a total height of over 200 meters from the sea bed to the tip of the blade, making it higher than Cologne Cathedral. The rotor star has a diameter of 152 meters.

“We are pleased that with Buss we found such a competent and reliable partner for a smooth operation,” says Klaus Horstick, Commercial Director of Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum II GmbH & Co. KG. “We would particularly like to thank the dedicated employees for their support in this challenging large-scale project and for always finding a solution even for difficult issues”, adds Irina Lucke, Technical Managing Director of Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum II GmbH & Co. KG.

A total of 65 colleagues from Buss worked together on the project. “Until recently, our focus in the offshore sector was on port logistics. Thanks to the acquisition of two specialized companies from the wind energy sector last year, we can now offer all services relating to the installation and maintenance of wind turbines and rotor blades from a single source,” adds Martin Schulz, Managing Director of Buss Energy Group.



Source Groningen Seaports


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