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18 May 2018

Burkhalter Breaking Barriers

18 May 20187

Saving our clients time and money is a top priority at Burkhalter. 

With a recent reactor transport in Baytown, Texas, a low pipe rack inside a chemical plant meant that additional cranes or gantries would be necessary to transload the reactor and get it through the plant. 

In order to work around this low barrier, Burkhalter instead engineered the barge layout to load the reactor directly onto SPMTs, negating the need for beams, stands, and additional lifting equipment.   

Burkhalter safely and successfully transported the reactor via barge and SPMTs into the plant, reducing the client’s overall costs and completing the job in time and under budget. 


  • Receive 661,400 pounds reactor from ship’s gear to barge
  • Transport via barge approximately 20 miles to roll-off site

  • Roll-off and transport over-the-road to plant entrance and one mile through chemical plant to hook

  • Overall transport configuration: 823,811 pounds, 58’9″ long x x 24’6″ wide x 23’11” high


  • Sharp turn at barge roll-off site to avoid property line

  • Soft, uneven soil at barge landing

  • Pipe racks above transport route in plant too low to allow for reactor to be set on stands and beams


  • Built mat road from barge landing to road, utilizing 250 laminate mats
  • Prepped barge with trailer on it so that stands and beams were unnecessary.  Reactor was loaded directly onto trailer to lower height and keep from having to use additional cranes or gantries, saving the client time and money.
  • After roll-off, 15,000 pound, 130-bolt lifting frame was removed to reduce height.
  • Staggered four 56 foot jumper bridges to cross a diagonal culvert

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