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3 Jan 2022

Broshuis Delivers Three New Construction Semi Low Loaders To Schoones B.V.

In December Broshuis announced the delivery of three identical, four-axle semi low loaders to Transportbedrijf Schoones B.V. from Vinkel in Brabant.

After successfully deploying several Broshuis construction semi low loaders for many years, and having experienced their quality and multifunctionality, Schoones decided to purchase three new units. The three new acquisitions are intended to expand Schoones various fleet.

“When purchasing the trailers, nothing was left to chance” says Mark Schoones (director-owner).“The trailers have been fully thought out so that they can be used in a multifunctional way. With a double wheel well and crane arm recess we can transport almost any machine up to 40 tons ourselves. This is essential in our work because we don’t always know what needs to be transported the next day.” In addition, three identical semi-trailers have been chosen due to the “Baugleich” authority for the German exemption.

A family business for over thirty years, thirty-year-old Transportbedrijf Schoones B.V. stands for flexibility and trust and expects the same from its suppliers. For this reason, Broshuis was chosen as the supplier of these three trailers. The current Broshuis semi low loaders have been around for many years and are still used with great success on a daily basis. Confidence in the product and the company is high. “When you buy a Broshuis, you just know that it will last a long time,” says Schoones.

The wheel wells for semi low loaders are extendable, so that longer machines can also be taken along. With a loading floor width of 2750mm (extendable to 3250mm), wider machines can be transported more easily and safely. All trailers have a longer chamfer with grip strips, which means that loading and unloading can also take place more safely. The double wheel wells are designed in such a way that wheeled vehicles with various axle distances can be transported. With the supplied wheel well fillings, the trailer can also be used as a normal semi low-loader. Furthermore, sufficient lashing options have been provided to safely transport the various machines.

Because the semi-trailers are completely refinished and provided with the best corrosion protection, they will last a long time and they also look good – that Schoones finds very important because their equipment is the business card of his company on a daily basis.
Together with their committed and willing drivers, and the new Broshuis trailers, Transportbedrijf Schoones B.V. Is now able to serve their customers even better.

Source Broshuis BV

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