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21 Nov 2022

Bridge over Railway Placed by MAXIKraft’s Liebherr LGD 1550

Bridge construction in the rose garden, or more acurately in the  Rosengarten district of Frankfurt (Oder). Since the end of last year, MAXIKraft customer, Sächsische Bau GmbH, has been working on replacing the old road bridge with a new structure over the railway station.

Recently, the prefabricated parts could be used for the new crossing. Once again, MAXIKraft was in demand. The colleagues from MAXIKraft headquarters in Züllsdorf rolled up for a whole weekend with the heavy Liebherr lattice boom crane LGD 1550.



Since the railway line had to be closed for the work, the job did not start until Friday evening. Precision hard work was required because the prefabricated elements of the concrete bridge were more than 26m long and weighed up to 69t. They were carefully lifted onto the new bridgeheads with a radius of 42m and a hook height of 15m. In total, four bridge sections had to be positioned next to each other by the day and night shifts. 180t of suspended ballast were needed to position the load on a radius of 42m. However, the suspended ballast had to be hung in and out every time, because otherwise the space available on the construction site did not allow the large crane to rotate.



The new stairs to the platform were also installed with the help of the LGD 1550.

In a few weeks, the new bridge and the new platform will be completely finished and should be back on the network in time for the timetable change in December with a completely renovated Rosengarten train station!

Source MAXIKraft

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