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2 Jun 2020

Breakbulk ODC Transport in India by Total Movements

Total Movements, member of The Heavy Lift Group for India, is proud to have delivered about 7000m³ of breakbulk ODC cargo on an end to end basis, from manufacturer’s work site on the west coast of India, to delivery site on the east coast of India. The cargo, which consisted of critical parts of Coal Handling Systems to be set up at Paradip Port, was moved using coastal ships.

One of the critical features of this move was the extreme width of the cargo, which needed to be moved with exacting precision due to many buildings and other structures at the loading port. The clearances in a few places were less than 0.1 m , but with meticulous planning, software simulations and multiple iterations, the Total Movements team was able to overcome this challenge.

All the cargo was delivered to the site in a safe and timely manner much to the satisfaction of their customer.


Source The Heavy Lift Group / Total Movements

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