Boskalis' Mighty Servant 1 Fitted with 'Wings' for TenneT's 73m Wide DolWin Epsilon platform – Heavy Lift News
24 Oct 2023

Boskalis’ Mighty Servant 1 Fitted with ‘Wings’ for TenneT’s 73m Wide DolWin Epsilon platform

For many years Boskalis has made a significant contribution to the energy transition with their versatile fleet.

From the preparation of the seabed with their subsea rock installation vessels and the installation of power cables with their cable-laying vessels to the installation of turbine foundations with their impressive crane vessels. But also in an earlier phase by transporting subsea power cables, monopiles, jacket foundations and offshore converter platforms across the globe with their semi-submersible heavy transport vessels.



The latter is what their Mighty Servant 1 is currently transporting – the impressive DolWin Epsilon platform, weighing more than 23,000t . This HVDC converter platform will export the wind-generated electricity from several offshore windfarms to the onshore power grid.



Unique about this transport is that the Mighty Servant 1 deck is 50m wide and the cargo is 73m wide, almost one and a half times as wide!

Therefore, the deck has been extended with four outriggers. Simply put; four ‘wings’ – two on each side of the vessel – which made the Mighty Servant 1 wider at crucial points to carry TenneT’s 82m long and 84m high DolWin Epsilon platform.

May the crew of the Mighty Servant 1 have a safe journey!



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