Boskalis in Antwerp's Europa Terminal Quayside and Terminal Rebuild Group - Video – Heavy Lift News
11 Oct 2022

Boskalis in Antwerp’s Europa Terminal Quayside and Terminal Rebuild Group – Video

Boskalis, together with partners Artes Roegiers, Artes Depret and Herbosch-Kiere, will renew the Europa Terminal in Antwerp, Belgium for client Port of Antwerp-Bruges to ensure that the port can continue to receive the largest container ships and increase capacity by a third. The work, which officially commenced last Friday, will take nine years and will be carried out in three phases, taking maximum account of nature and the environment. The project carries a total value of EUR 335 million.


Global container congestion calls for more efficient space for handling containers for larger ships. For this reason, the current draft of ships that can moor at the quay wall of the Europa Terminal will be deepened from 13.5 meters to the maximum draft of approximately 16 meters. As the renewal requires extensive maritime works and to keep the terminal operational, the project will be executed in three phases, spread over nine years. The current quay wall will be broken down and replaced by a new wall of 1,200 meters. A temporary water retaining structure will ensure that no parts of the old quay wall enter the Scheldt and will protect the works from passing ships and the river tides. The three phases have been carefully planned based on the expected shipping traffic in the coming years.



Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp-Bruges: “With the modernisation of the Europa Terminal we are underlining our ambitions as a container port. As a world-class port, it is essential that we continue to play at the highest level and are able to accommodate the biggest ships. We are, however, aware of the impact of our activities on the surrounding area and local residents. That is why we are committed to reducing mooring emissions, among other things. With a new efficient and sustainable terminal, we are building the port infrastructure of the future.”




Video and all photographs courtesy of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Sources Boskalis and Port of Antwerp-Bruges

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