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12 Jan 2023

Boskalis Considers Leaving Netherlands

In an interview on the Dutch radio station, NPO Radio 1, last Friday, Boskalis CEO, Peter Berdowski, stated that there is a “very real chance” that Boskalis may leave the Netherlands.

In context with the topic of the radio programme, which was discussing a new law, the International Corporate Social Responsibility Act, Peter Berdowski also stated that the “new law makes doing business uncertain” for the Dutch company. The act anticipates European legislation obligating corporate responsibility.

No firm decision has yet been taken by Boskalis which has its head office is in Papendrecht, 20km Southeast of Rotterdam.

As reported by last year the company was taken over by the Rotterdam investor HAL. Boskalis therefore falls under a holding company based in Bermuda.

The Dutch Parliament is scheduled to discuss the law on 18 January.

Boskalis has over 100 years’ experience in hydraulic engineering, coastal protection and land reclamation. Later they have become a leading company for towage, salvage and heavy lift operations, and offshore energy related operations.

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