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16 Oct 2018

BorWin Gamma – Dubai to North Sea – Facts and Photographs

Where the story began – Dubai, BorWin Gamma Topside is loaded on to the Heavy Lift Vessel Xiang He Kou All Photographs – Tennet 

Date 16 October 2018

Last week the BorWin Gamma HVDC Substation was floated onto its foundations on location in the North Sea. A consortium of Petrofac with Siemens were awarded the BorWin3 offshore grid connection project contract in 2014 by TenneT. HeavyLiftNews has prepared ‘Facts and Photographs’ of how the Substation got to the North Sea.

Facts and Photos – BorWin Gamma Heavy Lift

The jacket and Foundations

·         Jacket positioned on 28 May 2018 by Heerema SSCV Thialf

·         6-legged Jacket weighs 5,600t

·         Overall weight of piles  4,800t

·         Water depth on location 40m

·         Distance from German Coast almost 130km

·         Built by Heerema Fabrication Group

·         Tubular components by SIF Holding NV

Topside High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) platform

·         Building commenced in 2014 at Drydocks World, Dubai

·         Man hours for fabrication 13.5m

·         10,500t of steel used

·         880lm of cable

·         Enough paint to cover 30 football fields

·         One of the heaviest jacking lifts ever undertaken in the Middle East

·         Construction completed August 2018

The voyage

1.       >6,500NM or >12,000kms

                       The route…..

¯   11 September   Ready to sail from Dubai onboard COSCO Heavy Lift Vessel Xiang He Kou   ¯

¯   13 September Sails from Dubai bound for the North Sea   ¯ 

¯   18 September during the voyage work preparation work continues for installation and commissioning   ¯

¯   22 September Arrival at Suez Canal   ¯

¯   24 September Passage through Suez Canal   ¯

¯   27 September Mid Mediterranean Sea   ¯

¯   1 October Straits of Gibraltar by night   ¯

¯   8 October arrival at Borwin Gamma   ¯

¯   10 October Borwin Gamma Location preparation with JU-Barge 117   ¯

¯   11 October Standing off the location   ¯

¯   12 October float over   ¯

¯   12 October almost there   ¯

¯   Ready for touch down Ballasting the ship and the top sides slowly sits on the foundation at 13.30   ¯

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