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13 Aug 2018

Borssele Jacket on location

Borssele Alpha placed by Oleg Strashnov Photograph = Sky Pictures/Izak van Maldegem

Date 13 August 2018

The jacket foundation for TenneT’s ofFshore transformer station, Borssele Alpha, has been installed lastweek, by the Seaway Heavy Lifting Vessel, Oleg Strashnov.

The Jacket was built at the HSM Offshore yard in Schiedam, and was floated out by barge on Sunday 5th August to the location in the Borssele I offshore wind farm.

In the early morning of 6th August the jacket was placed on the seabed by the Oleg Strashnov. 

The jacket is about 55m high and weighs 2,730t

The transformer topside element is currently being built for the TSO, TenneT, at the same HSM Offshore yard. 

Source HLN. Photograph – Sky Pictures/Izak van Maldegem

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