Bolloré Logistics Germany Transports Asphalt Plant to Oman – Heavy Lift News
29 Mar 2024

Bolloré Logistics Germany Transports Asphalt Plant to Oman

Bolloré Logistics Germany has successfully transported an Asphalt Plant for major construction company to Oman.

The complexity of the project resulted from the oversized items and short time frame for transport and delivery from Italy and Turkey to site.

During this operation, the Bolloré Logistics Energy X Project Germany Team worked alongside the Italian team to oversee the transport route, provide technical solutions, and conduct on-site feasibility studies.

Nadja Herzer, member of the Energy X Projects German team said, “We would like to thank the Italian team for contributing their efforts and expertise that made this project so successful. Thanks to the coordination and technical knowledge of both teams, the transportation of the Asphalt Plant was carried out successfully!”

This project highlighted the experience and supply chain expertise of Bolloré Logistics in the Energy X Projects sector. The company has an extensive network of subject matter experts, enabling it to offer customized solutions to support its customers’ operations worldwide.



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