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9 Oct 2018

Bolloré Logistics completes transport for WIKA project

Date 09 October 2018

Bolloré Logistics Indonesia has been awarded the MPP Package IV Gas Engine Power Plant project by WIKA (PT WIJAKA Karya) with total electrical capacity of 140MW. Transportation of ten MAN engines for this project started in April 2018 and finished late August 2018.

The scope of the project included receiving ten MAN engines under HeavyLift Vessel hook, receiving on ballastable barge, design of temporary jetty, reoad survey, roll off from barge to temporary jetty, transportation to site and installation to foundation.

Six MAN 18V51/60DF engines, weighing 285.8 tonnes each, were transported to two project sites in the island of Sumbawa in the West Nusa Tenggara province.  Four 198 tonne MAN 12V51/60 DF engines were transported to Maumere, East of Nusa Tenggara.

In Maumere, Bolloré had to design a temporary jetty to offload the cargoes as the seabed was protected under legislation from the United Nations, meaning vessels were unable to anchor. Using the spacer barge, Bolloré was able to roll of the oversized cargoes without touching the seabed.

In addition to mobilising equipment to the remote islands to support the heavy transport operations, Bolloré was also responsible for the transport of eight transformers, raging from 39 to 71 tonnes.

Source Bolloré Logistics, Heavy Lify PFI 

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