Boskalis' Bokalift 1 Completes Last ChangfangXidao OWF Foundation Installation One Month Ahead of Schedule – Heavy Lift News
17 Jul 2023

Boskalis’ Bokalift 1 Completes Last ChangfangXidao OWF Foundation Installation One Month Ahead of Schedule

The establishment of a completely new and robust offshore wind farm supply chain in Taiwan around Taipei Port has resulted the last fully assembled jacket for the ChangfangXidao Offshore Wind Farm being completed.

The final jacket foundation was reported leaving the Port of Tapei flast week on the Bokalift 1 for the offshore wind farm being developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, (CIP).

The latest announcement from the CEO of Changfang Xidao Offshore Wind Farms at Copenhagen Offshore Partners, Dennis Sanou, is that this last jacket foundation has now been installed by the Bokalift 1, completing this stage of the total project approximately one month ahead of schedule.

Boskalis report, “In the last three years we installed 186 pin piles with our unique crane vessels Bokalift 1 and Bokalift 2 and placed the 62 three-legged jacket foundations on top of them, literally providing Taiwan with a new horizon enabling our client, Changfang & Xidao, to provide clean and renewable energy for 650,000 Taiwanese households.


Bokalift 1 (Photograph courtesy of Boskalis)


The successful installation of the foundation scope of the Changfang & Xidao offshore wind farm is a good example of how Boskalis contributes to the energy transition with its flexible versatile fleet.


Bokalift 2 (Photograph courtesy of Boskalis)


After the first two campaigns, this year the Bokalift 1 was assisted by our heavy transport vessel Mighty Servant 3, which transported a number of jackets from Taipei to the offshore wind farm. Our construction support vessels BOKA Atlantic and BOKA Tiamat provided essential supporting activities.”


The last jacket fabricated for ChangfangXidao OWF ready for installation.


Dennis Sanou offers his thanks and congratulations to the Boskalis team, CFXD team and crews of Bokalift 1, Boka Tiamat and Boka Atlantic.

Featured Title photograph

Installation of the final jacket foundation completed by Bokalift 1

Sources  Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Boskalis


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